Chernokrovkoy born in times of famine, when mammoths went with her flock of land habitat, and people began to hunt wolves. Once returned from the hunt is not the father of Snowfall, and the mother being pregnant, she understood. She was very weak. And Snowfall was born. By that time almost the whole flock had died or been killed people. Immediately after birth, the mother of Snowfall died from exhaustion and hunger. Snowfall miraculously survived - it piked Inariysty and raised. But before meeting with Inariytsami baby lived - remains a mystery. Soon it became known that Snowfall ear disease and that it is fully oglohnet to two years. And so it happened. Since then the world turned a deaf ear to it. She can not hear laughter brothers, babbling brook, birds chirping. Because of this, she is jealous of all to themselves. Also, due to deafness she began to work in the pack healer.   

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