4 years ago...............

Swiftkill the wolf sworn to protect the alphas(Greyback and whitewind) pups. She was standing guard when Rapier walked up to her. Rapier was jelous of Swiftkills favored position with her parents so Rapier was determined to secure future leadership of Inaria by plotting against her newborn siblings and the one sworn to protect them. She tried to kill her siblings but swiftkill attacked her. Swiftkill blinded by rage exadently killed the pups when fighting Rapier. Rapier lied to whitewind and Greyback telling them that she tried to stop Swiftkill but she was just to late. Swiftkill tried to explan but Whitewind wouldn't listen. Whitewind drove Swiftkill and all the other dier wolves away calling them BlackBloods.

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